CareSight's team has deployed and supported Vocera® voice since 2003. We developed our unique line of Vocera-friendly headsets with a deep understanding of our customers’ high-noise environments and privacy-sensitive situations. You can trust CareSight's Vocera headset expertise, as we've been providing custom Vocera-specific headset solutions to customers since 2009—including whole hospital mandatory headset initiatives. Every one of our headsets come with a 30-day warranty.

CareSight is an advanced reporting and analytics-as-a-service solution that delivers easy-to-use, actionable data to reduce risk and improve caregiver and patient experience. The CareSight solution provides a completely custom, role-specific view of a hospital's entire alarm/alert environment—enabling the hospital to streamline operations, reduce risk, and improve patient care.

Through our AWS-powered analytics solution, we help our customers achieve strategic programs and initiatives—including:


Patient Experience


Alarm Fatigue

Clinical Workflow

Pain Management

Staff Compliance

Fall Prevention


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